The Plan.

Now that i'm (finally) feeling a bit better after my recent bout of illness, I've had some time to think properly about moving forward with changing my life for the better. I know that sounds really dramatic, but that is literally what this will be. I will be attempting to reverse the years of abusive... Continue Reading →


Some of the biggest scandals in history have had the honour (or rather, dishonour) of having "gate" added as suffix. WaterGate. DianaGate. MemoGate (shoutout to the Pakistanis reading this). So now, I bring you FoxGate, which isn't as much a scandal as it is an epiphany (sorry for the clickbait). Our story starts on a... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk About…Mental Health

So I thought it would be a good idea to start a "mini series" of sorts, where I address topics which would otherwise be hard to address or are stigmatised against being openly discussed, whether that's because of a cultural barrier, or just simply because it's an awkward topic to talk about. In honour of... Continue Reading →

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