The Plan.

Now that i’m (finally) feeling a bit better after my recent bout of illness, I’ve had some time to think properly about moving forward with changing my life for the better. I know that sounds really dramatic, but that is literally what this will be. I will be attempting to reverse the years of abusive eating habits and health-related behaviour in order to get myself into a decent form of health again. My former (and indeed current) eating habits have done nothing but affect me negatively. Not only have they had a detrimental effect on my body, but they have also affected my mental health and my perception of myself. It’s often easy to forget mental health among the focus on physical health when it comes to fitness, but make no mistake, in this situation I hold it in higher regard than my physical health. A healthy mind merits a healthy body (or at least in my case it does anyway).

So moving onto more important things, like my plan moving forward. So I’ve been doing some research, and if like me, you are a bit of a newbie to the world of health and fitness and everything it has to offer, you too will most likely be feeling overwhelmed. For starters, there are enough people arguing about whether crunches actually work to make your head spin. So whilst I’m still trying to get my head around some things, I have managed to come up with a basic plan to at least get the ball rolling. I’ve listed these things in no particular order, so without further ado, here is my plan for a healthier, happier new me!

Now first of all, one of the few things that has been consistent across everything I’ve read is having a clear end date in view. I guess this is in order to adapt your goals accordingly. Some people even suggest having sub-goals, to make achieving them more manageable. For now, I will stick to a single goal date, just to keep things single. So with that said, my goal date is 2nd March 2018. Why not 1st March you may ask? Cos 1st March is my mum’s birthday, and i’m anticipating a lot of cake that I’ll need to burn off 🙂  Also, I feel that working on something for 6 months (or thereabouts) will give me a good idea as to what works for my body, and what goals I need to focus on more.

1. Drown myself in positivity

My choice of words may seem strange, but literally my aim is to surround myself with enough positivity in the next few months to be able to drown myself. The next few months for me will be tough, given that it will be winter soon, and naturally I won’t feel like doing anything anyway, plus I’ll be training for the London Marathon too. For too many years now I’ve just been living negatively, and I’ve always been cynical about everything. Being that negative takes so much energy and time and is frankly pointless. I wish I had picked up on this self destructive thinking before, as I feel like had I not been as negative, I may have been in a different place to what I am now. I guess this also extends to not taking negative people too seriously either. When it comes to my friends and family, I know that they will point out my shortcomings in order to genuinely help me improve myself, but other people will just make it their full time job to be negative to other people without any reason whatsoever. I’m making an effort to just avoid these people altogether.

2. Taking out the Take-Aways

For those that know me, you’ll know that I can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking food (shoutout to Olivia and Farwah for not judging my eating habits in third year lol). To cut a long story short, that habit became ridiculous of late, where at points, I was eating out nearly 7 out of 7 days a week. Now that I think about it, it is so disgusting. Everyone knows that takeaways are bad, so it’s obvious that I’m giving them up for that reason. If I am to achieve my goals and become healthier, I need to be smart about nutrition, and how I can use it to my advantage, and a large part of this will be taking responsibility for making my own meals.

3. Walkin’ on Sunshine

This one is pretty simple. I want to increase the amount I walk everywhere. This is good for initiating my weight loss, as well as increasing my endurance for longer distances, which I am sure will help me for my training for the London Marathon. I’m pretty sure I spend way too much on travel when I could easily be walking around to most places I visit in a week (welcome to London and the extortionate public transport system lol), so this one was a bit of a no brainer for me.

4. Sugar we’re goin’ down

Sugar is so so SO bad, but yet I find myself in love affair with the stuff. Whether it’s chocolate, cookies, doughnuts or biscuits, I really am indiscriminate in my love for it (God, aren’t I a nice person?). I recently watched a few documentaries that have opened my eyes to just how dangerous sugar really is if not eaten in moderation (which is something I am definitely not doing by any stretch of the imagination), so for now, I think it’s best to ditch the sweet stuff in lieu of something a lot more nutritious and healthy.

5. Iron Lady

I figured I should probably put my gym membership to proper use, considering I’ve had it for the past year, and have probably only been like ten times (so bad I know!). I’m planning on using a mixture of cardio and weights, in order to do LISS and HIIT workouts. Once I’ve figured out a concrete plan, I’ll post it up here so I can monitor my progress, and adjust and tweak as required. Ideally I will be aiming to go at least 2-3 times a week initially, and increase that as required.


For now these are the main things I’d like to focus on. I’m hoping by 2nd March 2018, I will have lost at least 2 stones (12.7kg), if not more. Right now i’m about to doze off, but I’m sure I will write a more in depth post about each of the points above. If anyone out there is good at things like gymming, please feel free to reach out to me to provide guidance. I’d really appreciate it, cos i’m totally clueless when it comes to this stuff!

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