Started from the Bottom…and I’m still here.

So, I went for the first weigh-in of my fitness journey, and I was absolutely horrified by what I saw.

I’ve always had problems with my weight yo-yoing over the years. I’d gain back the weight about 10 times quicker than I’d lose it (ah, a story as old as time). Last summer, in preparation for my sister’s wedding, I lost just over 3.5 kilos in a little over a month. This took my weight down to approximately 71kg, the lowest it had been in 3 years. Admittedly, I lost it using a really stupid, unsustainable method, but if short term, rapid weight loss is your aim, it works a charm (even then, I would still not recommend it). People commented on my weight loss, and even though I was nowhere near my ultimate goal, I still felt a tiny bit good about myself (although this was short lived as people would remind me I was still fat).

I always knew I had gained weight since I moved back to London, and in my naivety I toddled along to Boots (my trusted source for weighing myself ha), expecting a gain of maybe a couple of kilos. I nervously step on the machine, standing still as it whizzes away measuring my height, weight and body fat. When I pulled that teeny ticket out of the machine, I never realised it would have such a massive impact on me in every way possible. It turns out that the reality was far from on a couple of kilos of weight gain as previously thought. Let me break it down for you.

Stats on 2/8/16 (at my recent lightest weight)

  • Height: 5ft 2.9in/1.60m
  • Weight: 11st 4lb/71.9kg
  • BMI: 28.1
  • Body Fat (%): 34.3%
  • Body Fat Mass: 24.6kg

Stats on 3/5/17 (most recent weigh-in)

  • Height: 5ft 2.9in/1.60m
  • Weight: 13st 4lb/84.8kg
  • BMI: 33.1
  • Body Fat (%): 42.6%
  • Body Fat Mass: 36.1kg

I don’t even think I need to explain these figures. Anyone with a bit of sense can see that something has gone incredibly wrong. Just to summarise the main changes according to this data:

Changes in 9 months and 2 days (or 275 days)

  • Weight: + 2st/12.9kg
  • BMI: +5
  • Body Fat(%): +8.3%
  • Body Fat Mass: +11.5kg

I honestly have no viable justification for this. This is absolutely disgusting and appalling. Now, some of you may raise concerns about my use of language to address this issue, but this isn’t about me being airy-fairy about my problems or (rather ironically) sugar coating them. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow, and swallow it I will. I cannot promote body image positivity when I am putting myself at increased risk of health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, among many others. What I need to do is action a plan, and stick to it. And this is the part that I find the hardest. I’m great at making elaborate plans, and I even follow through with them for a few days when i’m full of fire and motivation. The real problem arises when after the first few days of establishing a new routine, I feel fatigued and demotivated, and I fall back into old habits even more worse than before. But this all changes now. I am determined now more than ever to make a long-lasting change to my life which will hopefully and years to me, and increase my overall wellbeing and happiness.

How will I do this? It’s simple. I aim to phase in small changes, and over time track my progress comprehensively, in order to keep myself motivated. Here’s a few of the things I’ll be doing:

  1. Walking: Anyone who knows me will know that I am a non-participant in anything that involves walking. My best friends will tell you tales of my laziness (like how I’d rather wait 10 mins for a bus instead of walking 3 mins to the station), and now that I look back at it, I cringe. Admittedly I’ll start off with the traditional “baby steps”, like using the stairs where possible, walking to the station instead of taking the bus, and then I’ll progress to bigger changes, like walking into work (which is approx 2 miles each way), and walking to the local shopping mall instead of bussing/tubing it (walking takes about half an hour). Once i’m comfortable with this, I want to start jogging, then eventually graduate to long-distance running, in order to train for the London marathon next year.
  2. Slimming World: So many people I know swear by Slimming World, and I’ve seen the results myself. My sister has lost a stone after being on it for a fairly short amount of time (well done Kiwi!). Other friends and family rave about and when I look at what the “diet” entails, it seems incredibly maintainable and reasonable. The reason I say “diet” is because I feel like it’s more of a long term lifestyle change, rather than some fad diet (like Cambridge), which has the potential to be both hazardous and counterproductive.
  3. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide: If any of you are on facebook or instagram, you may have seen promotional posts for Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG). Kayla is a personal trainer who developed 2 sets of 12-week fitness guides, along with a healthy eating plan as well (for now I’m just going to stick to slimming world to see the results). The BBG claims to increase fitness and strength, two things which I need to seriously work on. I did the first circuit of pre-training, and I was knocked for 6, so I think it’s safe to say that this will definitely be a challenge.

For now these are the three main things I want to incorporate in my day-to-day life in order to achieve my body and fitness goals. I will establish some kind of time frame, and update you guys in a future blog post.

So yeah, I guess from here it’s upwards and onwards 🙂

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